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Sellers - six ways to prepare your property for an auction sale

Sellers - six ways to prepare your property for an auction sale
Nov 19 , 2020

As a seller, viewings will play a vital role in whether or not you sell your home, so you’ll need to pull out all the stops to make it as appealing as possible to prospective buyers.

While virtual viewings are encouraged in the first instance as England experiences a second lockdown, it’s still worth preparing your home for sale to match the increased demand from buyers.

For this, we list six simple, yet effective, tips for preparing your home for selling at auction.

Maximise your ‘kerb appeal’

Your home’s exterior is the first thing a buyer will see and sets the mood for the rest of the viewing. Therefore, you need to make sure that everything is neat and tidy. This includes trimming heads, mowing the lawn and clearing pathways.

Consider giving the front door and window frames a fresh lick of paint and putting some potted plants by the front door to make your property even more appealing.

Revive the space with a fresh lick of paint

Redecorating is one of the most popular home improvement methods and can be done at a very low cost. With just a lick of paint and some general maintenance, you can give your home a new lease of life in no time at all.

Fresh paint in modern, neutral tones can refresh your property, making it easier for would-be buyers to envision themselves living there.

Easy upgrades and quick fixes go a long way

It’s good practice to go through the home and take note of any small defects that can be fixed. While they are unlikely to be the deciding factor in a sale, viewers will easily pick up on small problems and can form the impression that the home is poorly maintained.

Things like peeling paint, broken tiles, dripping taps, broken lightbulbs, scuffs on walls, cracks in plaster and torn carpet are just some of the things to look out for.

Open those curtains to let the light in

Light creates the illusion of space; and a spacious, well-lit property is more likely to attract potential buyers than a dark and dank one. Making your home lighter is a cheap and effective way to increase the value.

Cleaning the windows, can allow more light into the home, while installing bright energy efficient lights is useful when selling in the winter months when the nights draw in much earlier.

Upgrade the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are key rooms in a home and will therefore need to be spruced up before viewings.

Giving the units a fresh paint job, replacing cupboard handles or doors are a cheaper way of refreshing kitchens. You also want to make sure all surfaces are clean and clutter-free.

The same applies for the bathroom. Re-grouting, removing limescale and replacing taps are all small, yet effective ways to freshen up the space.

Revitalise the garden and make it homely

The garden has always been considered one of the home’s biggest selling points, but this is even more so the case post-Covid.

It’s essential to clear away any rubbish and clutter, rake away stray leaves, remove any weeds, trim the hedges/bushes and cut the grass to revitalise your outdoor space. Lastly, consider putting out some potted plants to add some splash of colour to your garden.

Luckily, as people are looking to move before the Christmas and New Year period, now is an opportune time to sell. By taking these measures into consideration, you can boost the value of your home significantly and increase your chances of achieving the highest possible sales price at auction.

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